From the recording TRANSPARENT

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Words by Norma Raines
Music by Michael Barry

Friendship is forever
It cannot be broken
Love is always there
Though not a word spoken
They have something special
That no one else can share
They may hear a voice or see a smile
As someone passes by
That's when they'll think of you
And breathe a happy sigh.

What is a friend?
What is a friend?

What is a friend?
Would you like to know?
Well, He'd go with you anywhere
When others have said "no"
When things you said or did went wrong
He'd never say "I told you so"
He'd just keep on loving you
And on His way he'd go
He'd be there to cheer you
When you were feeling sad
He'd know just the right thing to say
Things to make you glad

And when life is over and done
And the last mile you have trod
You'll find you had a friend all along
And He's still here with you

What is a friend?
What is a friend?
GOD is your friend...