From the recording TRANSPARENT

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Words and Music by: Celestine & Mike

Life ain't easy
It can be up, it can be down
It makes us smile, makes us frown
We have to be taught by Him
To learn what is right?


God cares about us constantly
We don't realize how precious life can be
We take for granted while things go our way
And don't realize
He gave us life to live this day

Regardless of how dark our life may appear
He will not let you go beyond
what you can bear
He'll take away all your doubt
He will give you a way out

Life ain't easy
When there's nowhere to run
It hurts so bad
Sometimes we falter
But we must persever
It makes us strong
Give all your love to Him

We get knocked down
But we get up again and keep going.... 4x

Repeat Chorus
To live this day...