From the recording TRANSPARENT

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Words by Celestine
Music by Michael Barry

Whenever something goes wrong
It tears me up inside
Whenever I think I failed
Like the day turns into night
The light into dark
But I belong to You

Whenever I'm confused I talk to You
When I don't trust myself, I trust You
I give my heart and soul
I belong to You

I am transparent, You see right through me
You see the good and bad
Things should not rule me
I am transparent, You see me truly
You help me, make me glad
The Devil cannot fool me
He can't fool me

Whenever I'm in pain, You comfort me
The burden weigh me down but You lift me up
You are my hope and strength
I belong to You...

When I think I failed, whenever i'm confused
Whenever I'm in pain, when I don't trust myself
You comfort me...
Oh Lord ... I belong to You.