From the recording TRANSPARENT

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NO NEED TO WORRY (Life is too short)

Words by Michael Barry & Celestine
Music by: Michael Barry

life is too short
Don't take it for granted
We are here for a reason
Don't waste time we are given

Each moment of our life is a gift
Grateful praise to Him we can give
Let Him care for our every need
There is wonder and joy ahead

If you fail it's not the end
Take it as a challenge
Weeping may go on all night
But in the morning it's shining light

God is so near
There are times that we stumble and fall
Give yourself to Him
Take His hand and hear His call
There's no need to worry
God is there to help you carry
All of your burdens away
Look ahead to a brand new day

He is there to carry you
When the weight is heavy
One day we'll be face to face with Him
What a wonderful feeling!
Repeat chorus and Repeat 2nd verse Repeat chorus

Words by Norma Raines
Music by Michael Barry

I had a dream I was in heaven;
And I was searching for you.
But you were nowhere to be found;
So I asked an Angel what I should do?

He looked at me and shook his head
As He scanned the book he held in his hand;
He said, that you should be there;
That's the way it was planned.

He told me that I had not done my part;
My duty I had not done.
I had not thought of others, or you;
I was too busy having fun.
I had not told you about Jesus;
How He lives on high.

I had not told you of His great love;
That for you He had died.

Then my dream was over and I knew; oh-oh
That my search for you in heaven was over too
Because, my friend, you'll see Jesus in me;
And I wont have to search any more.

I searched heaven for you 2x

Because, my friend, you'll see Jesus in me;
And I wont have to search any more.